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17:43 UK time, Tuesday, 29 August 2006

• From the most popular list this morning, it looks like I wasn't the only one fooled by the title "Trouser secrets" of the Saxons, only to be cruelly disappointed by talk of a belt... humph.
Elizabeth, London

• Kathleen Wells has given us a new mnemonic to help remember the planets. Unfortunately, she has included Pluto, thus rendering her mnemonic rather useless.
Kate , Salisbury

Supertrunker's question about Pluto's being relegated from planet status is a valid point. Did the horoscope writers see the demotion of Pluto coming?
Anon, Brizzle

• Whilst postman Roger Annies has undoubtedly done people on his round a great favour (Junk-mail tip postman faces sack), it's still somewhat ironic that he had to drop an unsolicited leaflet through their doors.
Nick Jones, Dorking, UK

• Travelling in to work today I went to buy a bottle of water. I was shocked to find it costs £1.20 for 500ml. This is £2.40 per litre, making it very nearly three times the price of petrol. How does that work?
Adrian, London, UK

• In the article showing before and after weight loss pictures, how do you know that they are in the right order and that these aren't pictures of people that have put on a lot of weight?
Cassandra, Oslo, Norway

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