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10:20 UK time, Tuesday, 29 August 2006

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Charles Kennedy is back in the papers.

Two days ago the Observer ran an interview with the former Lib Dem leader where he revealed a desire to get back on the party's front bench at some time.

The Times has followed this today with the first part of its serialisation of Greg Hurst's alcohol-centred biography of Mr Kennedy. The splash suggests Mr Kennedy's drink problem goes back further than previously thought.

It's the only political story of the day. Even the Daily Telegraph has to acknowledge its existence. Although because of a shortage of space on page two, it is not able to mention the newspaper where you can find the serialisation. The Times. Or the nature of his day job. Political correspondent at The Times.

Page three in the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Mirror and even the Daily Telegraph has the reunited, original Charlie's Angels, resplendent at the Emmys. But the real highlight is the focus on Dame Helen Mirren's £20 "stripper shoes" in the Express.

Many of the papers have leads on Roger Annies, the rebel postman and budding hero of Middle England. Mr Annies has been suspended by the Royal Mail after telling the residents on his round they could opt out of unaddressed junk mail.

In the Mirror, that's p16. And on p17? An advert for the Royal Mail. Good work production chaps.

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