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The day I was Estelle's Canadian girl

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Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes | 20:07 UK time, Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I used to be a presenter and reporter for Newsround on BBC children's TV and amongst all the amazing and crazy things I did whilst working there, one of the coolest was rapping with Estelle.

Now, I can't rap or even sing but about four years ago I stood on stage in front of hundreds of school children and did a duet with her. It is still one of things I am most proud of.

EstelleEstelle's biggest hit is American Boy. Photograph: Getty

So when I was asked if I wanted to interview her before she did a gig out here in Whistler I jumped at the chance. She's just a really nice lady who also happens to be a brilliant singer/songwriter and get this - she remembered me!

She wasn't just being nice, she genuinely remembered what happened. I'm not saying it was a big moment in her life, and in fact I had to prompt her quite a lot to jog her memory but then she said "oh yeah, it was at a school right? I was teaching kids to rap?"

Luckily she didn't elaborate on the fact it was probably quite irritating having some TV type muscling in but she did remember me.

So fast forward to February 2010 and here we are again, this time in an art gallery in Whistler. Estelle is now an international superstar with a proper showbiz entourage and a full-on American accent (she's lived in New York for three years.)

Despite her success, I was relieved to find she's still friendly and self-effacing. So often stars get a bit full of themselves as soon as they find major fame. Not it seems Estelle.

Of course these days she's way too big to allow random BBC presenters to rap with her - let alone get her to ski (she's only been on the slopes once in her life and didn't particularly enjoy it) but she was still happy to go along with my wacky questions and even sang my Canadian lyric version of American Boy.

We talked about how she still raps with a London accent ("it's like a switch, as soon as I rap I go into my old voice.") and she told me about the new album she's spent most of the last two years making.

It's taken her a while and by the sound of things she's had a few man problems during that time. When I interviewed her it was Valentine's Day and at her gig later that evening she told the crowd her boyfriend had cheated on her and that she'd made a YouTube clip with her singing a ditty about how she didn't like him very much while all her mates were in the background joining in!

I was really surprised by her honesty. It was the sort of thing any ordinary girl might want to do for a bit of fun and once again, refreshingly normal.

Next week Usher is playing the Whistler Medal Plaza - I wonder if I'll get to meet him too? Anyway, before you say it, yes this is the Winter Olympics and I am here to cover the sport. My next film is a lovely one about the Rudman/Bromley British skeleton couple and their lovely family. It will be shown on TV on Wednesday (17 February) and you can also watch it here.


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