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All hands to the media pumps

Len Tingle | 10:02 UK time, Monday, 27 September 2010

BBC Yorkshire political editor Len Tingle reporting for TV and radio from the Labour Party Conference

Another bulletin hits the airwaves

I made a brief guest appearance on the ITV national news on Saturday.

Honestly, it was completely unintended.

In the media frenzy of the first few minutes after Ed Miliband finished his acceptance speech my task was to get myself and Rosie Winterton MP out of the heaving mass of the Conference hall to interview her at a live broadcasting point for Look North.

Think about it. Ed finishes at two minutes past five. Look North's Saturday bulletin started at 5.20pm.

I ushered Rosie out through a side door to take a quiet corridor avoiding the crowds and heading in the direction of my "live spot" outside the front doors.

It is at this point that I spot the assembled mass of camera crews being held back by Labour officials about fifty metres ahead. They were all pointing their camera directly at me.

Well actually, they were pointing at the young chap who was now walking down the corridor alongside us chatting calmly to Rosie.

It was Ed Miliband.

I had stumbled into the corridor that had been cleared for the leader's first impromptu appearance in front of the live TV crews.

Obviously I had to be polite. As the camera lights lit up I wished him good luck and shook him by the hand.

Unfortunately, it was only the ITV cameras that captured me on tape.

If you did spot me, I was the only political reporter in Manchester running AWAY from the new party leader. There was now two minute to go. Fortunately, Rosie Winterton has a fair turn of speed

Rosie and I made it for the Look North bulletin with about 15 seconds to spare.

With hardly a pause for breath she explained what having the party leader representing the constituency next to her own in Doncaster Central means for South Yorkshire.

The insatiable appetite for news and information from the Conference has hardly slowed since.

The Politics Show for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire came live from Manchester the next day. Thanks to satellite technology I was able to appear live on Yorkshire's BBC local Radio stations umpteen times.

There was a time when I had to persuade news editors that there really was a story from the party conference.

Not any more.


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