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Yorkshire & Humberside could experience big spending cuts

Len Tingle | 20:34 UK time, Sunday, 13 June 2010

Scissors cutting

Yorkshire and the Humber could finish up with some of the biggest cuts of all the English regions if dozens of capital spending projects now frozen by the government finish up being abandoned altogether.

Some £1.6 bn worth of spending had been agreed by the outgoing Labour administration on everything from building new council houses to a trolley bus scheme for Leeds.

All are now being examined by the Treasury's "star chamber" and must pass an "essential needs" test.

Yorkshire-based politicians like Keith Wakefield, the newly installed leader of Leeds City Council, tell me it is no surprise that this region has the highest level of promised spending projects.

"We've been underfunded for years," he told me.

"These schemes, especially the new public transport system here in Leeds, would allow us to catch up a bit.

"It would be a disaster to see it knocked back again".

Decisions are not expected until September 2010.

All this on top of the immediate 2% cut in this year's budget for every local authority.
We have still got the emergency budget to come.

It is going to be a long summer for us all.


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