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Hottest Record - Jay-Z - Death Of Autotune (DOA)

Zane Lowe | 20:48 UK time, Monday, 8 June 2009


The Apprentice? The elections? And now this? D.O.A courtesy of the man himself - Jay-Z - hip hop legend, innovator, entrapaneur - it's just too much to handle for a Monday night. Loved him at Glasto in '08, and almost a year later, the Blueprint 3 drops on September 11th. A mixed reaction on texts, but leave your comments here for when Zane gets back.

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  • Comment number 1.

    Omg Jay-Z is an absolute legend! Who could say it any better than him, about how crap the auto-tuning is that EVERYBODY uses nowadays??!! It got so popular that I dreaded the day that the best rappers and singers would use it...but Jay has just single-handedly stopped that! woo!
    Can't wait for the album!

  • Comment number 2.

    Jetsettergirl is spot on! This track is a hammerblow! Cracker of a tune!

  • Comment number 3.

    Actually the album was to contain auto-tuned songs but Kanye and Jay-Z thought the auto-tuned songs didn't fit with the rest of the album so they decided to produce DOA. So yeah... "Who could say it... uses nowadays??!!"

  • Comment number 4.

    Pretty simple production but with killer impact! Can't wait for the album! Should be worth the wait...

  • Comment number 5.

    He addressed an issue that was quickly becoming an epidemic in hip-hop,
    single handedly killing it. I like how he dey t-painin too much. Ard.

  • Comment number 6.

    Pure fire
    So much for retirement Jay Z

  • Comment number 7.

    In my eyes, I think the state of hip hop has been running parallel with the recession. Over the past 6 months, there has been a severe decline in the quality of tracks that have been released stateside. I wouldn't put that solely down to over usage of autotune, but I most definitely believe it has had an impact. We've had to suffer the likes of Ron Browz and DJ Webstar, whom have heavily relied on success from using the vocoder.

    I like what Jay-Z has done with this - as always, his flow is flawless and Kanye has done a fantastic job on the production front. What's particularly great about this track is the fact that Jay has successfully, and very intelligently, put across his thoughts and viewpoints, which are shared by many hip-hop fans alike. When T-Pain made it to the big stage, it was refreshing to hear an artist with a new style and approach. His tracks injected a new, much-needed lease of life into hip-hop. Unfortunately, since everybody else has jumped onto the vocoder bandwagon, it now just seems like a fad; a fad which has since worn off.

    It's now reached the point where autotune is even being used in television adverts. A famous US fast-food restaurant chain has now used this style to promote a new product line in its commercials - that alone shows how overused autotune has become. It's time to kill it off to prevent hip-hop from becoming boring, repetitive and lacklustre.

    But for me personally, what's more worrying is the fact that artists like the GS Boyz, Fast Life Yungstaz (F.L.Y) and B-Hamp are gaining popularity for their work, which seriously lacks style and substance. I know that hip-hop dance trends are massive in the US, you only have to go to the clubs to see that, but what I'm trying to say is that we don't need to be swamped by these kinds of tracks. There are too many of them out there. No thought goes into the lyrics or the production and for me that issue needs to be addressed quickly. We are settling for too little by accepting tracks like this.

    There are a lot of up and coming artists out there who are quickly and deservedly making a name for themselves such as Drake, Jeremih and Tyga. How are artists like this (and others out there trying to stake their claim) going to make it big, if we keep accepting the rubbish currently gaining airplay more so in the US, from artists like those previously mentioned in this post? You can't really even call them artists when they live off "trends" such vocoder-based tracks - there's no skill in synthesising your voice.

    Getting back to the original point of this post, what Jay-Z has done with this track can only be beneficial for the hip-hop industry and its fans. I'm sure that the opinions that come across in his lyrics are shared by a number of other major artists out there. Now that the track has been released and the likes of Ron Browz are putting up their responses, it's time for other "major" artists to make a stand and back Jay up.

    I completely agree with Zane though, this is a sure fire front-runner for track of the year! Lets just hope it gets the airplay it deserves.

  • Comment number 8.

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  • Comment number 10.

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