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Porridge - how do you do it?

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Laura Northedge | 15:19 PM, Thursday, 31 March 2011

Not so long ago the best thing most people had to say about porridge was that it was cheap, but on Wednesday we learnt that Pret a Manger is selling 50,000 pots of it a week.

Of course it's not the only place to sell it but it is, they claim, a big part of their growing profits.

So what's the attraction? And which is the best way to make it: should you use sugar or salt, water or milk . . . ?

In search of answers Winifred spoke to Neal Robertson - of the Tannochbrae Tearoom in Auchtermuchty in Fife. He's the current world porridge making champion, the holder of the Golden Spurtle.

"Eat it standing up" was his most surprising piece of advice as it's "much better for your digestion". Oatmeal, water, sea salt and defiantly not made in microwave were his other tips.

We asked you for your recipes, and here they are:

Lyn Brown serves Luke warm with grated nutmeg and mixed dried fruit. Just put oats in a bowl add milk or dried milk and water and cook uncovered for about 4mins.

For Ghanaian style oats Joseph Hammond-Hagan uses oats, water, pinch of salt. Add sugar and evaporated milk to serve.

Andy Quarrie's method is one measure of oats, one measure of water and one measure of milk. Put cold into pan and bring to simmer until nice and thick. Add salt to taste. Eat with milk and Demerara sugar.

Theresa Reilly suggests one small cup of organic oats, 1 - 2 cups of apple juice and cook over stove. Add a few brazil nuts when serving.

Thom Axon's secret is adding chai spices (add a chai tea bag) and flaked almonds.

And Sheila Mitchell takes a more straight forward approach - she avoids the microwave but simply "follows the instructions on the pack."




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