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Biz Stone on the origins and future of Twitter

Dan Damon Dan Damon | 15:55 UK time, Thursday, 19 November 2009

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Tomorrow (Friday 20th November) our business correspondent Mark Gregory will be on World Update with an interview with Biz Stone the co-founder of web phenomenon Twitter.

We need to make Twitter profitable. e-Mail is hard to monetise . . .Twitter is more of an information network. We have the ability to create a system that scales.

Are we going to see some changes in Twitter? Will they be for the better? What would you like to see?

Holidays in Iraq; Google Copyright Books Row - your Qs please

Dan Damon Dan Damon | 15:13 UK time, Wednesday, 11 November 2009


After more than six years of conflict Iraq seems an unlikely place for a holiday. But could its status as the birthplace of civilisation see tourists flocking?

Iraq is sending representatives to one of the world's biggest tourism fairs for the first time in more than ten years. The delegation to the World Trade Market in London will be led by the chairman of the Tourism Board of Iraq, Hammoud al-Yaqoubi. We'll talk to Mr. al-Yaqoubi and welcome your suggestions for questions.

And... the first half of next year Google plans to put millions of the world's books online. So, is this giant digital library the most exciting research tool since man first put pen to paper; or copyright infringement on an industrial scale? We'll have an expert guest.

Youth Unemployment - Degree or Not, It's Hard Getting Work

Dan Damon Dan Damon | 08:15 UK time, Tuesday, 3 November 2009

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On Thursday 5th Nov, World Update will come from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies, SOAS. We're looking at the growing disillusionment of young people, many of whom feel that however hard they try, however dedicated they are to their studies, they will either spend a long time unemployed or have to lower their sights and get a much less prestigious and exciting job.

I'd like your experiences, and your questions to our expert guests, including David Blanchflower, who has warned that the figure of one in five under-25s currently out of work in the UK is just the "lull before the storm" as graduates and school leavers enter a tough job market.

We'll hear from graduates on the job hunt, a recruitment consultant with tips to make you stand out from the crowd, special reports from Spain and Japan (two places credit-crunched more than most) and what happens if you decide NOT to get qualified? We'll hear from Zahra and Chris who both chose the non-university route and who are crucially, both working full-time right now.

And what about those who come to developed countries for a better future? How has the economic downturn hit people like Ibrahim from BangladeshView image?

Please use the comments to tell us your story and put your questions.


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