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A writer's responsibility

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Robin Lustig | 10:46 UK time, Monday, 9 March 2009

Julie Myerson has written a book in which she describes the havoc she
says her son's cannabis-smoking caused in her family. He has objected to
the book. So where does a writer's responsibility lie? Listen to our
discussion: the writer and broadcaster Jonathan Maitland, with Michelle
Elliott of the children's charity Kidscape.

(broadcast on The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4, 4 March 2009)

UPDATE: audio link now fixed.


  • 1. At 4:07pm on 09 Mar 2009, ockwick wrote:

    I believe that the responsibility of any parent lies firstly with that role. Although nearly all parents are frequently challenged in living up to that commitment . I am at a loss to believe that Ms Myerson thought that writing about her families difficulties whilst still in the throes was a beneficial act to her families well being.

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  • 2. At 3:16pm on 11 Mar 2009, missproliberty wrote:

    I hope the people that have critiscised Ms Myerson have experienced trying to deal with a teenager who has been unfortunate enough to get involved in illegal drug use and abuse. In my line of work I dealt with rehousing young drug addicts who could lie through their teeth, cheat and steal without any compunction whatsoever. Their parents did not know where to turn for help and it seemed that there was nothing left to do but to banish the problem from sight and their children ending up on the streets or 'dossing' down at a friends place. But,of course, the problem does not go away. Ms Myerson's son, I would say, is in denial and still not facing the fact of his drug abuse. He is probably not aware in his own mind of the anguish he caused his parents and siblings. I applaud her for writing the book as it has probably helped her and her family to come to terms with the actions they felt had to be taken.

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  • 3. At 01:26am on 13 Mar 2009, texas_holdem wrote:

    hmm.... I think it's great that someone is doing something. What Julie has done is very brave and she is right! I am myself a recovering smoker, and a very heavy on too. My brother is completely insane and his addiction has and is destroying our family. He has done nothing since he left school at 18 and is impossible to live with. He wont get a job and he doesn't care about himself or others.I must know of about 100 people were I live and in london were I used to live, who take the drug. Some more than others. But it's not about how much you take sometimes. I know people who got psychosis in one week of taking it. at the same time I know people who have been doing it for at least ten years, who have good jobs and families. Something really must be done to find out what it is in the drugs new form of canibis called skunk that is effecting people in this way! G

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