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On the US front line III

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Robin Lustig | 23:54 UK time, Monday, 4 February 2008

My apologies if all this US election stuff bores you rigid: I promise that normal service will soon be resumed.

But here’s your Lustig Survival Guide for Super Tuesday.

1. Don’t take any more notice of the Republican race. Senator John McCain of Arizona will be their candidate for President. For now, that’s all you need to know. There’ll be plenty of time to look at him more closely in the months to come.

2. Don’t take any notice of how many states Hillary Clinton “wins”, or how many Barack Obama “wins”. This isn’t about winning states; it’s about winning delegates to the party convention. So to repeat what I told you in an earlier edition of the Survival Guide: keep counting the delegates. Here’s the link.

3. Don’t be surprised if Hillary comes out on top, but the Obama people say they won. What matters to them is momentum, just as much as the Super Tuesday results.

3. Watch California. It has lots of delegates and it matters. Until just a couple of days ago, it looked safe for Hillary. Not any more …

4. Don’t expect it to be over by Tuesday night. I reckon there are another 6-8 weeks to go. For now, the Obama campaign has the wind in its sails. But winds change direction. And opinion polls sometimes get it wrong.

5. In other words, keep reading this blog. I promise to look after you. You’ll be fine.


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