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Nightly Express: deadline extended

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Hamid Ismailov Hamid Ismailov | 10:51 UK time, Monday, 29 November 2010

My dream appeal continues - if you haven't heard about it yet, here's my plan:

Over the next couple of weeks I am collecting the dreams you have at night.

My aim is to gather together a stream of "news" from peoples' minds to make a "Nightly newspaper". As I said in my original post:

All newspapers, in all corners of the world are preoccupied with the daily events of their community, city, country - interest sometimes extends to the world beyond.

But I always dreamt about a paper which pays attention to the world at night, during sleep, containing people's dreams.

It is not just for poets that dreams are more important than daily reality. If we put together all our dreams, we have to have once in a while an issue of The Nightly Express.

I once had a dream...

The great Russian poet Osip Mandelstam had just returned from his trip to Armenia, and told me something.

I can see Moscow of the 1930s in the door frame behind him: marching military people, the growing anxiety of steps under their boots...

"You know, Hamid, whom I've seen out there?"

"Egishe Charents?" - I ask, meaning one of the best ever Armenian poets with the same tragic destiny as Mandelshtam himself.

"Yes, Charents. And you know, he named the most beautiful poet of all time for me. Apparently his name is Nadym ..."

Then Mandelshtam started to read lines of the poet unknown to me, and I woke up not being able to bear their impossible beauty.

The same day I found out from a Turkologist friend, that indeed there was such a great Turkish poet in the18th century, a poet of the Ottoman Tulip era, when Istanbul once again decided to go along hand in hand with Europe.

So alI I ask you is to send me the dreams you have at night over the next couple of weeks. Let me know where you are from so that our "newspaper" can cover all corners of the world. I want to collect enough for at least one broadsheet, so please don't be hold back: dream, dream, dream...

I've already had a fantastic response - you can read through the dreams that people have sent in so far - and then you can post yours below.


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