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Should women stay with unfaithful men?

Gabriela Pomeroy | 14:17 UK time, Wednesday, 18 May 2011




Should women stay with unfaithful men? Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver has left him after he revealed he fathered a child with a member of his household staff. Many people stay with their partners after they have been unfaithful. Journalist Jane E Allen writes about why many  "wives of unfaithful high-powered men grin and bear the infidelities" while other women leave. 


Malibu Cookie‎ tweeted: "Women think "trice" before you "stand by your man" don't b so quick to defend him.

Rhoda posted on the LA Times blog: "Arnold had lots of affairs during his marriage, hidden with the support of Maria no doubt to armor their own children together."

And S Gayres posted: "Everyone is assuming that Maria did not know until now.  You really believe she is blindsided by this at this time? There's a saying that says "a woman always knows".  This was in the same house,  C'mon."

Can you forge ahead with a marriage if trust is broken ? We're talking about this at 1700 GMT.

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