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Your reaction to the death of Richard Holbrooke

Nuala McGovern Nuala McGovern | 11:07 UK time, Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Many of you are getting in touch about the death of Richard Holbrooke, the US Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

On our Facebook page you have been paying your respects, sharing your memories, positive and negative. You are also asking about the future now for Afghanistan. Mr Holbrooke was best-known for helping to broker the Dayton Peace agreement in 1995 which ended the Bosnian war. His career spanned almost 50 years.

Here's a little of what you have been posting, please continue to post below:

Eric in California posts

Holbrooke: a man that actually brought a bit of peace to the world, there are few that can claim that.

Kamran in Holland emailed

Finally one of the designers of American aggressive foreign policy is gone. Nicknamed "fox of Balkans" he was now busy to disintegrate Afghanistan. It seemed preposterous he was asking the head of a corrupt Afghan government which was created by America to behave properly.

Backtash comments

The world has lost a great man yesterday.
Maybe we should discuss the difficult task that awaits Richard Holbrooks successor and America's strategy for Afghanistan.

Petar in Serbia emailed

Richard Holbrooke was responsible for demonization of the Serbs during the Balkans' conflicts in the world press. He contributed to the economic ruined of Serbia due to sanctions, and the bombings that were impose upon the people. Unjustly I might add. Look at the Kosovo today, a small puppet state led by criminals and supported by the Americans.

Roger in UK wrote:

The deal that Richard Holbrooke acheived in the Balkans is underestimated. Because he cared so much, thousands of lives were saved. In years to come history will judge him as a truely great man. It's so sad that he has passed away.


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