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On air: Is your government doing enough to help you through the recession?

Ben Sutherland Ben Sutherland | 17:30 UK time, Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Anti-austerity protestors

This topic was discussed on World Have Your Say on 29 September 2010. Listen to the programme.

This post was written by Chloe in Louisville and posted by me.

Up to a hundred thousand people will take to the streets across Europe today to protest against austerity measures being implemented by governments across the continent.

The biggest of the protests will be in Brussels, but others will be held in Greece, Italy, Ireland and Latvia. A general strike is also taking place in Spain, hitting transport and other public services.

The protest in Brussels has been described by unions as a day of action under the slogan "No to austerity, priority to jobs and growth".

Are you prepared to take austerity measures for the greater good of the country?

USA Today has done an analysis of the impact the recession has had on life in the US.

It explains how many people have adapted their lifestyle to cope with the challenges of surviving in a downturn.

So do we have a personal responsibility to protect ourselves, for example save more, cut back on the household budget? Or is it the government's responsibility to look after us?

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