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On Air: Did you enjoy Germany v Spain?

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Ben James Ben James | 06:40 UK time, Thursday, 8 July 2010

Carlos Puyol's head got Spain into the final - JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty ImagesObviously the answer is easy if you're Spanish or German, but reaction to the semi-final last night is divided elsewhere.

It seems to get to the heart of the different things people want from watching a football match.

On Twitter, @Zonal_Marking enthused:

That was basically the composition of a perfect football game. 0-0 for most of it, incredible passing and faultless defending...

But the EPL Talk blog sees the Spanish 1-0 win in a rather different way ...

I'd honestly rather watch a rollercoaster ride of a Premier League match with plenty of highs and imperfect soccer than 90 minutes of boring artistry from Spain.

So who's right? Or is it a matter of taste? And should we be surprised that the same match can produce completely different reactions?

This blogger, who was in the stadium in Durban, says Spain ...

... quickly won me over with a wonderful display of soccer

Another, watching on TV in New York ...

... felt like I was watching a tennis match without the grunting. There were a couple of bright spots, but I mostly found myself trying to stay awake. Seriously, the winner goes to the final. These two teams should have been playing better.

Do we expect too much from games later in the tournament? Maybe the more there is at stake, the MORE circumspect the games are likely to be?

And is there a difference in the way in which "experts" (the former footballers, coaches, pundits) appreciate the game to the way in which we regular fans enjoy it?

Brazil 2014 - chess in the Maracana anyone?Former England striker, Gary Lineker, presenting on BBC TV last night in South Africa, compared the match to ...

... a fascinating game of chess ...

... but my colleague Tom, who is sitting a couple of desks away from me this morning, makes the point that he doesn't especially enjoy watching chess.

Boring or tactically gripping? Did it make you go to sleep or come alive? What would be your perfect football match to watch? Tell us here ...



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