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On air: Your questions about Greece and the Eurozone?

Sarah Holmes Sarah Holmes | 08:55 UK time, Friday, 30 April 2010


Four questions seem to sit at the heart of the fierce debate about what, if anything, should be done about Greece's economy. And a lot of you are asking number four.

1) Is a Greece bail-out the best option?

2) How unstable is the Eurozone as a whole?

3) What's the best way to address the the Eurozone's problems?

4) How will the different proposals affect Greece, the rest of the Eurozone adn the rest of the world?

Here's the latest from Germany (which may end up footing a big part of the bill), Spain and Greece.

 And here is Sarah's original post:

We know that many of you are talking, and probably wondering, about Greece. European officials say a deal is imminent to bailout the Eurozone country, but there is a lot of speculation about what the implications of this crisis are in Europe and around the world.

As the Greek population have to face fierce budget cuts, protests turned violent with police firing tear gas to disperse the crowd trying to force their way into the Greek finance ministry.

Today we're planning on having a panel of guests on the programme answering your questions.

Spain has just seen its credit rating downgraded and Portugal has been forced to speed up its austerity measures. Will bailing out Greece mean other countries will expect similar help?

There are some who are comparing Greece to the Lehman Brothers, even the German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it cannot be allowed to go the same way. Should we bail out a country like we bail out a bank?

Economists are warning that the crisis could spread to other countries such as Britain and yesterday Barack Obama decided it was time to get involved because of the worry that the crisis could spread to the US.

This blogger thinks that the crisis would be solved if Greece was removed from the European Union. But this piece says everyone is responsible for the crisis.

So what do you want to know about Greece? Are you worried about its implications? Does Greece deserve a bailout?


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