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Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 10:36 UK time, Tuesday, 20 April 2010

As you'll no doubt be aware, we've been planning to take WHYS to Haiti (see Alicia and James's posts below) but we were scuppered by the volcano ash .
We are provisionally flying out this Sunday , which will mean that we miss the "anniversary only journalists care about" (100 days) , but will mean we can honour our promise to Dixie to broadcast from her orphanage before she leaves.

haiticamp.jpgSince we were scheduled to go, the U.S have announced they'll be ending their mission in June , thousands of people are being moved to safer camps as the rainy season starts, and er, Chris Brown is to raise money with a concert.
There was also this disturbing story in the Observer about the rise of the gangs in some of the camps

If we can't get there this week- and i hope we can- i wondered what you think about when we should go (volcanos allowing)- when the U.S troops pull out ? on another "anniversary" ? or just as soon as we can ?


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