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Star Wars

Iain Croft | 10:27 UK time, Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Good morning - here are the subjects that have caught my attention today.

Wars of the future

The United States Congress has allocated funds for the development of a new space weapons system capable of delivering precision-guided warheads anywhere on earth within two hours.

Known as Falcon, the one hundred-million dollar feasibility programme envisages a super-fast cruise vehicle that would be launched into space on a rocket and attack its targets from orbit before returning to earth. It would allow the US to carry out strikes on possible enemy missile launches at short notice without depending on overseas bases.

Congress also approved funding for systems to defend American satellites and attack those of its enemies — a capability seen as crucial following China’s successful test of an anti-satellite missile in January.

Are you worried about a new space war?

Justifiable homicide?

A Russian man convicted of murdering an air traffic controller he blamed for the deaths of his wife and children has been given a hero’s welcome in Moscow after he was freed early from jail.

Vitaly Kaloyev had initially been sentenced to eight years in prison for the crime. But a jury decided he could not be held responsible for his actions and reduced his sentence.

Is homicide ever justified or is a personal tragedy like this reason enough to lighten the punishment against somebody?

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