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Pavarotti's legacy and climate change: fact or opinion?

Fiona Crack | 09:55 UK time, Thursday, 6 September 2007

Firstly, opera legend Luciano Pavarotti has died aged 71. He had pancreatic cancer. The Italian tenor is credited with bringing new audiences to opera and his rendition of Nessun Dorma, which was the official song for the 1990 World Cup.

What will his legacy be? Did he make opera more accessible to the masses? Or does opera still have a way to go?

And what do you think about the row over the BBC axing it's plans to have a dedicated day of programmes about climate change? The Independent article says that "the transformation of climate change from a scientific to a political issue became clear last night when the BBC dropped plans for a day long TV special on global warming."

Is climate change a scientific fact? Do you feel you're only supposed to have one view on climate change? Have the BBC been cowardly or were they right to back out of the day long special? Should the international media be treating climate change as fact or opinion? You tell us.

Also powerful pictures are emerging from Lebanon showing tanks with victorious soldiers emerging from Nahr el-Bared refugee camp to crowds of dancing, clapping locals. We tried to speak to people left in the camps on Monday, but had problems with phone-lines, do you still want to hear what they have to say?

And does anyone know why one of the papers I read is overflowing with stories about BBQs or Braais? As Australians might be losing their backyards, scene of the traditional sausage sizzle, as housing development squeezes space.

And Archbishop Tutu has declared the humble "outdoor grill" as a powerful uniting force between black and while South Africans. This is something that past me by, perhaps it's because it's rained all summer in London, and I've only managed one BBQ? But BBQ-ing nations of the world, could you bear to be without yours? We're coming to South Africa for a week of programmes in October. A week long road trip to Musina, Jo'burg, Ladysmith and Capetown and I'm trying to organise a braai and party outside for the final programme on Friday.

And I was wondering about the braai as a uniting and levelling force and wondering what else unites the people of your nation? Watching the national team at the national sport? A special day signifying independence? A type of food? Music? A big political figure, celebrity, monarch?

Elsewhere in the office, Joni's still working on kids wearing what they please and Leo is on about becoming more attractive...or something.

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