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Musical cheers....

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 10:04 UK time, Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Our new theme tune- aired for the first time on yesterday's show- has got a few of you going - mainly to another radio station if some of your e-mails are to be believed. The new sound of WHYS is part of an overall re-branding of the World Service, though every programme doesn't sound the same.

The "old" music for WHYS had the voice motif running through it - those little snatches of speech that don't mean anything but are meant to convey - well, the global conversation i suppose. You might also remember the listener who's son was convinced the opening of the old music said something like "Come Dumb Cow".

Anyway, Ros and i worked with David, the composer , and Steve from WS to make the new sound have the same feel as the old music. We got the voice snatches added to the mix and gave it some more base. We also wanted to keep our listener- voiced idents and this was agreed.

So last night (admittedly in a bit of a rush) we aired the new jingles. Lubna, our lovely and loyal listener in Baghdad, offered her congratulations. Steve, our equally loyal listener in Virginia wasn't so sure. In came the e-mail within minutes :
"Not like the old one was something I would consider on my best-of lists, but please, that new song is terrible! "
I replied by saying it might take some getting used to - i worked at 5 Live for a few years and we were "re-branded" a few times and we always got listeners complaining about the old music going, even though some had disliked it when they first heard it.
Steve replied again : " If there is enough outcry will you bring the old one back or just play nothing?"
So i said i'd post something here on the blog and see what you think- will you be part of the outcry ?


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