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Snowy South America

Victoria Harrison | 09:26 UK time, Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Morning. It's Vicki today doing the early blog post.

Argentinians are getting to grips with melting snow and ice...but unlike us Brits who still can't cope with an annual scattering of the white stuff......it was the first snow in almost 90 years in Buenos Aires. Schools, airports and roads are closed. More cold weather is forecast. Chile and Bolivia have also been hit by the cold spell. Are you in South America? How are you coping? Has the initial excitement now worn off as you try to get back to work?

And should John McCain give up the race for the US presidency? Pressure is mounting on him as two senior aides resigned and he's lost support - apparently because of his backing of the war in Iraq and for the failed immigration reform bill. Should he bow out or stay the course?

In a new campaign against female genital mutilation, police in London are offering $40,000 for information leading to the first prosecution here. They say over the summer holidays many girls are taken from Britain to be subjected to the procedure, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and Middle Eastern countries. Should the British authorities be getting involved? Could this approach help reduce the number of cases?

New research has proved that global warning is a man-made phenomenon, not related to the sun. The scientists behind it say in fact since the mid-1980s the sun's impact on the climate has been a cooling one, not warming. But last week a poll found many of us don't think climate change is as big an issue as the polticians and experts are making out. Does it merit so much attention? Or should we just be accepting it now and getting on with looking for solutions?

And in a similar vein, New York is trying to persuade people to give up bottled drinks and consume tap water instead to help protect the environment. Officials say it will save people money and reduce waste. Environmentalists say 4 out of 5 plastic water bottles end up on landfill sites and the production process contributes to global warming. Is it fair to single out one type of product? How much difference can we really make by giving up bottled drinks? Some restaurants in California only serve tap water now - shouldn't the consumer be given the choice?

And the raid on the Red Mosque in Islamabad continues. Are you in Islamabad? What's happening today? Do you know anyone who managed to leave the mosque earlier in the week?


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