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ON AIR - A solution for Darfur?

Victoria Harrison | 18:06 UK time, Monday, 25 June 2007

Condoleezza Rice has accused the international community of letting down those in Darfur. French Prime Minister Nicholas Sarkozy has called on countries to make a greater effort. And UN Secretary General, Ban Ki -moon, says slow but credible and considerable progress has been made to end the crisis in western Sudan. As another round of talks takes place today, the local people of Darfur continue to suffer. 200,000 have died and 2 million have been displaced. But what is the solution? What can be done? Let us know what you think - follow the debate here or post your comment below.

To take part in the programme now call us on +44 20 70 83 72 72 or text on +44 77 86 20 60 80 - remember to tell us to ring you back.

Are you in Cologne? We're talking later in the programme to people on the different sides of the debate about a new mosque being built in the city.....did you join the protests against it?


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