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LIVE Should British TV show the last pictures of Diana alive?

Leonardo Rocha | 17:18 UK time, Wednesday, 6 June 2007

We are now off air.

Today we'll be talking about the decision by a TV channel in Britain to show the last photographs of Princess Diana alive. The photos were taken in Paris at the scene of the car crash that killed Diana in 97. One photo, in particular, has caused great controversy in Britain. It shows Diana receiving oxygen. They're part of a documentary on Princess Diana's death. The British broadcaster behind the programme -- Channel 4 -- say the pictures are relevant to the programme and are being shown in the public interest.

Nigel Kendall, deputy editor of The Knowledge, will be in the studio. We'll also hear from Ken Wharfe, a former bodyguard of Princess Diana.

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  • Comment number 1.

    If the FBI are aware of the who, why and wherefore Princess D. met her end, could they publish the facts? What would happen to the Monarchy in
    Great Britain, if members of the Royal family were involved? While the world was being bullied into going into war with the USA, people were looking to Britain for justice or, make sense of the everything? Tony Blair, the then Prime Minister of the U.K. hand in hand with G.B.,
    seemed to act out of character. Yet, everything points to some kind of
    sword held over the palace, to the latest happenings. Scotland, who has never really been in love with Royalty, could afford to twitch the lions tail, causing U.S. hostility towards the release of the Lockerbie
    Bomber (they acted with compassion). Selection of the next heir has been suggested by the USA Why? It gets curioser. Should we say nothing and let history sought it out. Gloriousintegrity.

  • Comment number 2.

    It is often wondered why the Bank of England does not call in debts owed
    to it aound the world. i.e. The Sydney harbour bridge is still owned by the Bank of England, every motorist is told when paying the bridge toll. Yet, payment was stopped by Prime Minister Keating some years back with no
    reason. The railways in India tell the same story, but they say this is
    the reason they dont improve the rail as it belongs to the bank of England.
    Talk to the Kahoonas in Hawaii, still flying the British flag,they say their islands are jointly owned with G Britain. Something about the war debt having been paid to the USA and Captain Cook being theirs. Dont think Gloriousintegrity can be lived up to this time,may not have got this one right. Blessings, Gloriousintegrity.


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