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What's happening on the terrorist front in Sri Lanka. My personal observation.

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 14:14 UK time, Wednesday, 2 May 2007

I've just received this email from Zita in Sri Lanka. If you'd like to write about an issue that's important to you in your country, you can always email me direct. Here's what she sent, and of course the opinions she's expressing are hers and not the BBC's. You get the latest BBC News on Sri Lanka here.

ZITA'S EMAILIn the early morning hours of Saturday 28th of April 2007, while the whole nation was watching on TV the finals of the Cricket World Cup match between Australia and Sri Lanka, three silent terrorist planes belonging to the LTTE, stealthily arrived in Colombo and bombed the harbour, the oil refinery and an oil depot in different locaions in Colombo.

They made use of the 'Cat Away' situation created by the cricket match, did their damage and got away quietly and unharmed.

The boldness, highhandedness and the aerial capability of this group which is said to have ties with Al Qaeda, all should be taken note of. Sri Lanka does not have oil (yet) but it is in a very strategic position in the Indian Ocean at the bottom of India. It should be of interest to the world to help solve the problem of the LTTE.

Norway has been involved in trying to do this but all efforts failed and now is being blamed for sympathising with the LTTE. We hear of mass support for the LTTE abroad by sympathisers. The LTTE do not want a political or negotiated solution. In fact they do not want a solution (period!)

It suits them to carry on this war as a lot of money is reaching them and they live outside Sri Lanka in grandeur. The very reason for which the war was started has become blurred in their eyes and the original cause has been lost to them. This is proved by their continued refusal to accept very generous offers, practically the Eelaam they are asking for.

They also seem to be jealous of this beautiful country of Sri Lanka which would be a paradise if not for this war.

Right at this minute a multitude of tourists are turning away and major airlines are boycotting the island causing the county irreparable loss. This is exactly what the terrorist are looking for, i.e. to weaken the economic 'muscle' of the country.

The only war on the part of the government that I see happening are self defence actions to defend its shores and its innocent people, Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, and other minorities.

The Government is democratically elected. Therefore the International community which is taking costly measures to bring about democracy in other trouble- spots in the developing world, must take this war seriously and take all measures to help this government to eradicate the LTTE.

LTTE are not the tamils. Most quiet living Tamils I see in Colombo hate the war and are peace-loving, friendly, productive people who harm no one and live in peace with other nationalities.


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