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Talking points for Friday

| 09:05 UK time, Friday, 4 May 2007

The UK news agenda is this morning dominated by local elections in England, Scotland and Wales. I live here and I'm not interested in hearing more about them, so I doubt they're a talking point for a global audience.

What do you think we should discuss on today's programme?

Mark would like to hear more on the summit on Iraq currently taking place in Egypt...

Wiping out Iraq's debt is a major issue, Iraqi Finance Minister Bayan Jabor said Egypt had agreed to write off all the money it was owed by Iraq - about $800m - while Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland would cancel 80% of Iraq's debts.

He said the European Union had pledged $200m in grants, while British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett committed the UK to the same amount.

Is the rest of the world responsible for wiping Iraq's debts?

Vicky, one of the latest additions to the World Have Your Say empire - has suggested we ask if women should be allowed to travel to other countries to have an abortion? Miss D is a 17-year-old Irish girl who wants to travel to Britain for an abortion. She's four months pregnant and has recently learned that her child suffers from a condition where it is only expected to live for days outside the womb. Abortion is illegal in Ireland, except where there is a real and substantial risk to the life of the mother, but it does not permit abortion on grounds of foetal abnormality. We discussed similar issues around this following the legalisation of abortion in Mexico City. We also spoke to Dr Rebecca Gomperts, who carries out abortions on a boat which enables women to have the proceedure in countries where it isn't allowed. Would you like to hear more on this today?

Art or eyesore?
The London skyline has been greatly improved this week by Anthony Gormley. Cast iron sculptures of the artist have started cropping up over London, as part of his exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. 31 are due to appear in all. I love them, but what do you think? Tell us about the asthetics of your area, any particular buildings or landmarks, or pieces of art you love or hate?

Thousands of Isaeli's rallied in Tel Aviv yesterday, calling for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to quit over his handling of last year's Lebanon war. Should we try and speak to some of those protestors today?

Borat or Bush?
Time magazine has published it's top 100 of the world's most powerful people. President Bush, hasn't made the cut. Sasha Baron Cohen, the man behind the Borat character, has. Your thoughts please!

Heard the one about the man who married a goat?
And finally, the goat "wife" of a Sudanese man has sadly passed away. Local elders ordered a man found having sex with the goat, to "marry" her last February. It's one of the most widely read stories on the BBC News website - it's been forwarded to me more times than I can remember - so I thought I'd pass on the news to those of you who also received it.


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