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LIVE in Abuja: Day 2

Rabiya Parekh | 17:49 UK time, Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Day two of our tour of Africa and we're back in Abuja, Nigeria. A bit of a homely feel to our programme today, as we are broadcasting from the new BBC bureau there, which I'm told is all very new and shiny.

We're on air now and you can click here to listen.

Well the audience have arrived and Ros tells me they are armed with a host of issues that they want to talk about. But don't forget, if you have any questions for our audience members send them to the blog and I'll make sure they get them.

Some of the topics that will definitely be on the agenda today include Nigeria's role in Africa and how Nigerians there see events in Somalia, Darfur and Zimbabwe. The audience also wants to talk about the Niger Delta and what's gone wrong with that region and why.

You can send me your email now or text us your thoughts on +44 77 86 20 60 80 or call u here in London and we'll put you through to our audience in Abuja, the number is country code 44 20 70 83 72 72.


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