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| 09:25 UK time, Friday, 13 April 2007

Many of the front pages in the UK are screaming out "there is an obesity gene". Interesting reading as I tuck into my sausage bagel (I'm allowed a break from the muesli on a Friday, surely?!). Without going into too much of the scientific detail, I know it's a debate that always gets people going, this text that came into domestic radio station Five Live last night, is a typical response:

I just can't believe these people blaming everybody else except themselves - get a grip take control of your life - its simple calories in and calories out - eat healthily and exercise more.

Obesity is a serious burden to the health systems of many countries, could this discovery be an important step towards lifting it? Or, will it just provide an excuse for overweight people?

Australian Prime Minister John Howard, has said people with HIV shouldn't be allowed to emigrate to Australia. He's seeking legal advice to see if the law can be changed to enforce this, but sounds pretty convinced the idea's a goer:

There may be some humanitarian concerns that could temper that in certain cases but prima facie no

HIV campaigners have responded angrily, saying Mr Howard is vilifying people who have the virus. He's no stranger to controversy, John Howard, has he gone too far this time?

We asked you what you thought of Don Imus on Tuesday, the controversial shock jock from New York who caused great offence by calling a female basketball team "nappy headed hoes". Charming. We got a massive response, and have continued to all week - so is the fact he's now been sacked reason enough to talk about the issue again. The show we did from Harlem highlighted how huge the race issue still is in America, shall we look into it again today?

Japan - China relations
We talked yesterday about discussing Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao's visit to Japan. It comes to an end today, and seems to have gone rather well, if the pictures of Mr Wen and Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe doing Tai Chi in the park are anything to go by. Our latest work experience victim, Mags, is from Taiwan, I wander if he managed to find anybody to talk to us on the programme today?


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