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Wednesday night live!!!

| 17:30 UK time, Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Hi there,

As Peter Dobbie told you earlier, today we are talking about Google Earth bringing the crisis in Sudan to millions of homes. Oxfam's Barbara Stocking will be talking about this report, which says the UK should not be put off intervening in humanitarian crises because of the situation in Iraq, plus, New York shock jock Don Imus has caused a stir with his comments about a female basketball team. We'll hear your reaction.

You can read emails and text messages here, and of course post your own comments as well.

Barbara Stocking is talking about the "Anti-Britishness" experienced by Oxfam, particularly in Lebanon last year. British foreign policy can be a force for the good, but isn't being used as such at the moment.

Oxfam are calling for an ethical foriegn policy from all countries. Here's a comment from Bryce:

Iraq was invaded for no immediate threat, they were contained and controlled, so hopefully this unjustified war does not effect other countries who need interventions and help in real crisis’s

Lucas, a caller from Washington says Western nations are often in a no-win situation regarding international relations. On the one hand, many countries demand assistance and recognition from the West. If it is not readily provided, Western nations are accused of being selfish.

This text from Bjay

Human rights? Humor me I'm fickle. 1st, you create the climate to flourish it. Otherwise will lingering over your head like a horrid fangus forever & ever - like DARFOR.

Google Earth and Darfur
Onto John Heffernan now - Director of the Genocide Prevention Initiative at the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum. He's telling us about the technology.

Sudhindra in Hyderabad, India has been trying it out.

Here's another text:

Watch the african desert then watch naveda desert. See the difference n feel the ignorance..

Don Imus
Was the punishment for his "nappy headed hoes" comments enough? Two weeks suspension....

A lot of reaction coming in on this - read the comments below, but we're hearing live on air from our friends in Harlem - Rochelle, Sharonne and JoLinda.


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