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Virginia school shootings

Fiona Crack | 12:16 UK time, Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Virginia school massacre. Emails of your reaction coming in to our website. We touched on it yesterday as the news broke about 15 minute before World Have Your Say was on air. We heard from a Virginian correspondent from a state newspaper and from a couple of students at the colleges. Today we have time to find voices, to find people who want to tell us how they feel and what they know.

We're going to try and gather a panel of student radio hosts and callers across the US to say what people are saying. The blogs are busy with, not only messages of condolence, but some angry outbursts at the authorities, we can try and hear what they have to say too. We'll look for students, just students. Are they scared? Have they changed their mind about their safety? Are they more likely to carry a gun now?

Five weeks after Alan Johnstone's disappearance, we'd like to cover what listeners are hearing about the situation over the world. Here's what the media throughout the world, particularly in the Arab world, are saying about it. There are journos in Gaza protesting, do we want to hear what they have to say?

Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere sharing a kiss much to some Indian's chagrin. Is there too much fuss over a kiss?

And what about the split between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Did the British class system ruin the royal romance? Is there a wider question for the rest of the world - something like is class still the ruin of your country? Or how about voices from young British women - are they classy enough to be a William's wife?


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