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Turkey, Darfur, Israel...

Fiona Crack | 09:35 UK time, Monday, 30 April 2007

It's all been kicking off in Turkey over the weekend as hundreds of thousands of secularist Turks took to the streets in fear that Abdullah Gul and his AK party will turn Turkey in to an Islamic state. The protest came after the military warned it would act to defend secularism. The crowds carried posters of Kamal Ataturk, the founder of secular Turkey and banners that read "Sharia shall not rise to the Presidential Palace"

Is nationality or religion the binding factor in your country? Which would you defend more vehemently?

And Turks haven't been the only ones out on the streets. Sunday saw thousands of people across 35 capital cities across the world to demanding action on Darfur. Celebrities backing the campaign, such as George Clooney and Mick Jagger, have signed a statement accusing the international community of apathy. Demonstrators turned round 10,000 hourglasses with fake blood to highlight the continuing violence in Darfur and slogans read "Time is up... protect Darfur".

Did you take part? What do you want to see done? Do you agree that the international community is displaying apathy?

And on to Israel, PM Ehud Olmert, is expected to refuse to resign despite harsh criticism about the handling of the conflict with Lebanon last summer. Today an interim report will be released but leaks suggest that he will face charges of haste in going to war and weakness in challenging the military's lead.

And over the weekend I read a great article in the Observer about Andrew Keen, a Briton who made his fortune in the hi-tech boom, who is challenging the web's "endless cacophony". He's published a book which accuses bloggers and other evangelists for the web of destroying culture, ruining livlihoods and accuses "digital narcissism". The bloggers of his adopted country are in uproar. He adds his name to others like Oliver Kamm who has accused bloggers of "poisoning" debate. Are they?

And the Scottish island Skye is dropping it's "Anglicised slave name" in favour of its Gaelic nickname - which is Eilean a'Cheo. Do the islanders want to see the change? It reminded me of an irate call I took from a listener who told us off for referring to "Bombay" and "Mumbai". There's plenty of examples and I wondered if it's something that gets people going.

And finally, Kate Moss launches her range today at Top Shop, the flagship store at Oxford Street is preparing for crowds of curious shoppers and British Prime Minister Tony Blair is widely expected to announce the date he will step down in the next week after 10 years in Downing Street, we could hear what you think his legacy will be...


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