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Have you watched the video?

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 15:27 UK time, Thursday, 19 April 2007

We got an email from Julie in Nairobi yesterday saying that WHYS is spending too much time talking about the Virginia Tech shootings. 'You must realise that this is a local story that has lost its appeal to the international audience.'

It's true we have discussed it every day this week. The thing is though Julie, the BBC's email inboxes suggests that there are many of you outside of the US who do still want to talk about the story. And on WHYS our agenda is always dictated by the stories that are provoking the most discussion. Julie, I hope you'll tune in all the same. See below for the other story we're debating if that is of more interest.

Today there are two questions dominating discussions across the web.

1. Have you seen the Virginia gunman's video? (If you can't see video on your computer, here's what he said.)
2. Should it have been shown?

Read on for our other story...


Gary in the States subscribes to the Daily Email and has sent me this story:

It's about Muslim taxi drivers in Minneapolis who are refusing to take passengers who are carrying alcohol, and in some cases, pets. They cite religious reasons, but the authorities are none too impressed and are looking to make them take all passengers.

Whose side do you come down on? Do you think religious beliefs should be taken into account in the workplace?

Speak to you later.


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