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And another thing....

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 10:14 UK time, Friday, 20 April 2007

Very big response from you yesterday on whether the big news stations (including the BBC) should be showing the video of Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-hui. I noticed today that a few colleges around the U.S. have had to close because of internet threats . We tried to guage the mood around campuses on Tuesday's programme, and may be worth a re-visit?

And on the subject of guns, there are calls to tighten the laws....in Japan. It follows the shooting of the mayor of Nagasaki in what's thought to be a Yakuza- linked killing.

Also, does the world need a tunnel between Russia and the U.S.A ?

We started looking at how it feels to be a Christian in Turkey right now. They make up less than 1 per cent of the country's 70 million population but the latest attacks have led to questions as to whether the country's authorities are capable of protecting religous minorities.

Peter Roebuck used to be a cricketer here. In an opinion column he's arguing that South Africa should not be allowed to host the football World Cup in 2010 because they aren't doing enough to help Zimbabweans. Does he have a point ?

And talking of boycotts, the NUJ in Britain has passed a motion calling for a boycott of Israeli goods and services. Jonathon Freedland of the Guardian says they are wrong. The boyucott is linked in some way to the kidnapping of our colleague Alan Johnston...tThanks to the IFJ yesterday for coming on to the programme to talk about their efforts to free him.. As always, we'll be broadcasting your latest messages of support for Alan.


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