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Zimbabwe and Pakistan - LIVE!!

| 16:59 UK time, Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Hi there,

As Richard wrote earlier, today we're going back to Zimbabwe on today's programme. Then to Pakistan, where there has been an angry reaction from lawyers following the country's top judge appearing before a closed hearing following allegations that he abused his power.

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Starting with Zimbabwe.

ANON writes:

I think the action taken against the opposition of Zimbabwe was illegal and unconstitutional therefore it should be condemned by every peace loving

Jason from Portland says:

Why should the USA have any responsibility to step in and help the MDC? It's not our problem.

Paul an Australian in Latvia writes:

Zimbabwe is now officially a Military State. No question.

Michal Poberfrom Kutna Hora, Czech Republic, says:

Cuts and bruises! That's a VERY mild description compared to his lawyer's description!

Weaver Mumba from Zambia writes:

The international community should quickly intervene in Zimbabwe before all hell breaks loose.That great country is at a brink collapse.

Charl says:

Mugabe was supposes to be a great leader of Africa but his arogance dictatorial rule will end his rule a very unpopular & hated president of Zimbabwe.

Daisy from Uganda writes:

The only solution to Zimbabwe's problem is to stage a coup d'etat or to assassinate him.

Dan Msowoya from Malawi says:

The Zimbabwean Government has turned Zimbabwe into a police state. The 35th summit of the then OAU contextually condemns that, and implicitly suggests excluding Zimbabwe from the AU, SADC, Commonwealth. The AU is actually courting disaster by hesitating to address conclusively issues like that of Zimbabwe, Somalia and Sudan.

Chief Jon writes:

We who lived under Nkrumah see the imperialists doing the same diabolical things to Mugabe. Africa will remember Mugabe for long

Dan Msowoya from Malawi writes (again):

The Mugabe regime is repugnant, undemocratic and a sham to say the least. South Africa and the AU are culprits in all this. How awful of that government to deny people the right to pray, how devilish! "Rally" shall not be restricted in meaning and context to a "political" gathering.

Yrs Suran says:

I fear that your Zimbabwe correspondence won't give a picture of the vast peasant population.

Monday in Nigeria writes:

The behaviour of police in Zimbabwe is highly babaric, the UN should come to the aid of the helpless Zimbabweans.

Fidelis in Lagos says:

A convention against Political prosecution of opponents in Africa is the only way out of this mess. Even the opposition connot be trusted.

Marmetus in Nigeria writes:

If Rober Mugabe has nothing to hide why is he so afraid of organized opposition?

P. Chinthuli in Malawi writes:

The harsh realities of pushing Mugabe out of power on a western ticket are rudely and steadily staring Shangirai into the eyes.

Bubakar Sillah, Banjul, in The Gambia writes:

Why is the international community reluctant and delay in intervening situations like ZIMBABWE where weak, oppressed and helpless people are trying to effect change on their own? See Darfur, Guinea, etc.

Sule Musa in Freetown, Sierra Leone, says:

I recall the irony of Mugabe leading a Commonwealth group against Sani Abacha's despotism in 1995.

Chief John says:

No doubt you are only interviewing a right wing DAILY TELEGRAPH correspondent who will see NOTHING good about Africa.SHAME.

Abubakar B. Hussaini from Yobe State, Nigeria, writes:

Torturing, beating and abuse are elements of African police, UN wake-up and put end to these bad acts.

Dr Fom Dakwa writes:

As a young university student during the liberation years, Mugabe was my number one hero. Today he is doing worst things than Ian Smith did.

Deen Rogers writes:

Mugabe, you've done a lot for your country but please don’t be an unforgivable demagogue. History always has pages on the rise and fall of great men.

ANON writes:

Most of the African presidents treated their opposition badly. My little advice to president Mugabe is that, this is not the end of the world, the stick used to beat a goat the same stick is used to beat a sheep.

Mustafa Raji in Nigeria says:

There's no better illustration of man's inhumanity to man than what is happening in Zimbabwe. Mugabe, you are a disgrace to human beings.

Conrad in Prague writes:

I applaud the detainees in Harare. They are so clearly in the right and their treatment has been appalling. A further indictment of a criminal regime. I salute their courage.

Soldier on Zambia says:

Mugabe has failed miserably. The only things he is succeeding in is in outdoing the colonial masters brutality and having the worlds highest inflation rate of no less 1,700. The civilised world must cage Mugabe and bring him to book. I wish I was in Zimbabwe to join in the freedom fight.

Jonathan from Zambia says:

Justice does not exist in this world.

Shehu Hanafi in Toro, Nigeria, writes:

Zimbabwe is Africa's most 'AFRICAN' nation; it should be allowed to exercise its sovereign right over its citizens.

ANON writes:

What is going on in pakistan is that the government is autocratic and hence will try to suppress any dissenting voice.

Lubna in Iraq writes:

In a democractic country like Pakistan,where President Musharaf came to power by general elections,no one can be arrested illegally!!?
ANON says:
President Mutharika of Malawi please discourage your peer mugabe...freedom is the goal of the human soul!


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