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The discussion on Monday

Fiona Crack | 10:57 UK time, Monday, 12 March 2007

Pete has blogged the early ideas - see his post from earlier today.

Mark kicks off our discussion by talking about a piece in the Harare Herald. Ros is keen on this, but the logistics of getting voices from anyone who attended the opposition rally in Zimbabwe is going to be next to impossible. If we did it would we just be missing the main voices that we wanted to hear?

And Nick Cohen's article about insulting Islam, is there a tide change in opinion or is it just the last taboo of critical discussion?

Lara want to do Thai workers in the US. We've done migrant workers stories before and there doesn't seem to be much of an appetite from our audience.

Chirac - your tributes. Ros wants to do 1 minute pre-recorded bites from listeners. Richard wants to do something more substantial. Chirac has been a major force in European politicians for nearly 2 decades, surely we should be hearing our audience's thoughts?

The British parliament is to vote this week on renewing the country's nuclear deterrent. Should the UK invest in a new generation of nuclear weapons? Or should it rely on the US to bomb anyone that needs bombing and invest the billions of pounds in something else?

Bush and Chavez touring the US. It's the top story on jives and their question is who has the answer and our would be does Latin America need the US?

Global warming and Al Gore. A channel 4 documentary in the UK calling climate change a myth has solicited a huge response from cynics of global warming a chance to air their views.

A vote in the team sees Bush/Chavez, Zimbabwe and global warming coming through strongly. More later.....


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