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Next stop - Boston, MA

Fiona Crack | 14:11 UK time, Wednesday, 14 February 2007

We’re off to Boston. I’d love to know if you want to talk about the new software that gives people in countries with internet censorship the chance to browse unobserved, if Harvard’s first female president is well overdue, if James Sherley’s case is about racism, standing against the scientific tidal wave or just media manipulation, if the blinking bomb-scare adverts were worthy of a place on World Have Your Say and most importantly where I can find my favourite brand of jeans…

Your help is needed. What should we talk about on our trip to Boston? You set the agenda. We listen (and shop on our day off).

We're back from India and almost before some of us have unpacked - we're off to the USA.

In Boston it’s presently minus 2 degrees centigrade. It was plus 33 in Mumbai.

Thursday the 22nd February sees us at the Public Media 2007 conference . This is how we are billed.

As ever we’ll be talking about the big stories in the international news. But here’s an opportunity to talk to leading figures in the media about issues that they consider every day.

How about internet censorship? At least 40 countries around the world, including China, Uzbekistan, and Iran, engage in some kind of internet censorship. But Canadian researchers have devised new software to give people in these countries unfettered Internet access without getting them into trouble.

What will the founder and CEO of Technorati David Sifry have to say about it?

We want your ideas, your questions, your comments. Please email the World Have Your Say team now.

Our programme on Friday 23rd February will come from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, we will also be going out on local station WBUR and our own Ros Atkins will be joined by WBUR morning host Bob Oakes.

We also want you to tell us your ideas for our Boston programme, having got myself “Boston” Google alerts and nosing round the Boston Globe site I’m wondering if any of you are talking about these issues…

Drew Gilpin Faust confirmed as Harvard’s first female president. Larry Summers was the previous president and got in hot water for several comments including some about women's participation in the scientific field. We can widen this our to a “women in leadership” debate to encompass Hillary Clinton's presidential bid and let’s hear your thoughts on Angela Merkel and Segoleyne Royale?

What about James Sherley? For those who haven’t heard, he’s professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston and he’s on hunger strike. His opposition to embryonic stem cell research has been very controversial and he claims he has been denied the same freedom to challenge scientific orthodoxy afforded to his white colleagues. He’s after a tenure.
There’s quite a big of blog activity around this, some supporting his stance, some less complimentary.

And a few weeks ago Ros was keen on hearing your views about the blinking adverts that caused a bomb scare. We voted against doing it on the programme. Were we wrong, does anyone still care? Laughing squid does.

Also, it’s not like I’m using our readers and listeners as travel agents but if you have some recommendations of places to eat, let me know. One of our technicians, Shona, has already convinced me of the need to go to the cheesecake factory. Fellow Producer, Anna, and I have booked an extra day in Boston so where do you think we should go on Saturday? My brother recommends the JFK museum, anyone else? And lastly where can I buy some Seven for Mankind jeans? This, you understand, if far more important that the previous editorial stuff. Email me – so the rest of the World Have Your Say team don’t tell me off.


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