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Do you think all immigrants should have to do community work to help them integrate into their new country?

David Mazower | 18:00 UK time, Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Hi It's Karnie Live Blogging tonight...welcome to World Have Your Say....

Today we're talking about the following
The UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown has suggested...immigrants should have to do community work to help them intergrate into the community...what do you think?

Also the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams says the Anglican church is being damaged by its obsession with sex - do you agree?

Well, should Immigrants be asked to do community work to intergrate into the community they've just moved into? Here's what you think...

Ina in London says
Imposing community service in order to become a Citizen would make us all feel like criminals.

Alan in Granada
I know people who would be glad to this in order to show good intent. Its not slave labour at all, would you rather they sit around all day?

Kirani from Nairobi,Kenya.
Europe should say a big no to immigrants. they should do community service and be denied jobs so as to stay in their countries.

Obed, Ghana
In Ghana,there is no such thing as community service.You integrate by living with the people and learning the languages.Its not necessary. Europeans,then should do same when they come to Africa.

James in the UK
There seems to be far too much emphasis on sex and not enough on some of the core messages of Christ, who had little to say about sexuality and a lot to say about greed, violence and judging others.

James a South African living in London says..
Sounds like forced labour...What does he want us to do? How much community work is he proposing..When will I have the time to do Gordon Brown's slave labour?

Margaret in Portland says
Good idea - but why limit it to immigrants? Require all citizens to participate in community service to increase a sense of responsibility and connection within their communities, and increase their understanding and inclusion of immigrants into their communities.

Ekayu Wilson. Soroti, Uganda.
While it is true that immigrants need to integrate it is doubtful whether doing community work is the best way to do it.

I believe we should be as strict in imigration as Australians are, let's have a points system and an english test.

Mully from Tanzania.
I think for immigrant it will be beneficial to them because they can learn the culture and that can promote interaction in the country

Zakir, Nigeria
Community work is a best way to help the immigrants intergrate & adapt in the host nation.

Leland says..
I like the idea of community Service, as long as the people doing this service recieves some fo the benefits fo citizenship while working the job.

Andrea in Nairobi
Integrating immigrants is a nobel idea for development

Andrew,a Nigerian living in Malawi

This amounts to systematic slavery

Matthew in Dar Es Salaam
Good idea! But i will suggest Social interactions through social gathering and not community service!

Your comments on the Anglican church and is it obsessed with sex?

Afuwai in Nigeria
The Anglican Church should stop defiling christianity,To consider Gays is an affront on christianity.

Reverand S Cadu
I agree 100 per cent with the Primate that Anglicanism being ideally poised to take all people back 2 Jesus shouldn't be bogged in sexuality.

Mark from Uganda
I wonder why they are so stuck on the sex issue. Sadly it is destroying the integrity of the church. Christ is the focus.

Bala in Nigeria
The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin.The church is not a club where rules can be changed when we feel like.

Tambwe in Uganda
I think the Anglican church should stick to its original doctrine.Those members who have chosen to go their way should be left alone.

A Church is not a social club. If one does not share the doctrine of a church then they are not a part of that church. The Bishop is off the mark.

From- Lamin N'
I feel the Archbishop's remarks is disgraceful! The church should emulate islam which has never &will never encourage such distasteful debate.

Sex is a natural desire that is felt by every one and the Archbishop's comment is naturally right but unfotunate to divert basic church teaching.

The Social problems in Africa does not affect the faith of our people but this gay issue is rocking the ship of our faith and it must be dealt with.

Lengau Mphole in Lesotho
Accomodating gays in the church is a total disgrace

Emma Akpowhe,Nigeria
The West brought religion to Africa but Africa is takin Christianity back 2 d West.

Tony in Uganda
The Bishop is bringing a new media which is provocative. The Bible unites people.

Bunmi in Lagos
The Anglican in Nigeria does not devote itself on this issue as the standard is clear.

I support the assertion of the archbishop. Homosexuality is a shame to humanity and Christiandom as a whole and the Anglican church in particular.


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