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Cricket, cricket and more cricket

Richard Bowen | 09:07 UK time, Tuesday, 6 February 2007

I remember going to Barbados to visit my family a few years ago and I was shocked at the sheer amount of international football on the TV. There was Italian football, Spanish football, South American football and, most importantly for me Premiership football.

In the UK it can be a struggle...

...for me to see my beloved Aston Villa on the TV, as it’s fair to say their not at the top of the list for teams who get TV coverage. But, low and behold, I arrive in little old Barbados and what do I find on cannel 27, ASTON VILLA. Outstanding!

The same sort of thing has happened in India, but this time with my second love, cricket. Everywhere I look it’s cricket, cricket and more cricket, Australia vs. New Zealand, South Africa vs. Pakistan and now England vs. New Zealand. I’m in paradise, I thought, until I realised I’ve got lots of work to do and wouldn’t dream of sacrificing that to watch the game! Anyway I guess my point is why do I have to go half way around the world to watch my teams play on the TV?

Well, rant over, here’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve just got back from the Cyber Towers having sorted out the food, taxis and all the ISDN’s (the things that mean we can broadcast to the world from outside the studio).

I’ve also been speaking to any Hyderabadi that will talk to me about their city, asking them what they think about India’s boom. And everyone, I mean everyone has said it’s a positive thing. “There’s more jobs” I’m told by the workers in Hi-tech city, “10 years ago I had no one to drive around, now business is booming” says my hotel taxi driver, and even the guy on the side of the street selling small cups of sweet tea and coffee tells me life is good. In fact the only negative thing I’ve heard is that the traffic in the city of spiralling out of control. Apparently in Hyderabad alone there’s more than 100,000 extra cars on the road each year.

I accept that I haven’t spoken to anyone and everyone and maybe I’m not asking the right people, but surely everyone can’t be happy about the rapid expansion here, can they? You tell me.

I’m off to get another lassi and call some more guests as I put in place the final preparations for tomorrows show.

Stay safe now.



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