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Zoli in Budapest

David Mazower | 16:00 UK time, Monday, 8 January 2007

I live in Budapest, Hungary. My artist name is Zed Zee Zoltan, I'm a singer/songwriter, play the acoustic guitar, and interested in sound technology as well. Also, for some time, I have been doing music journalism on the Hungarian pop/rock and cultural foundation's webport, www.mkka.org.hu . I have a published interview (2005) made with Suzanne Vega in Magyar Nemzet daily paper's weekend supplement, Magazin www.mno.hu .

I'm an English teacher (by profession, I have BA), and teach company groups English language in Hungary, mostly via language school. I try to keep my eyes open about the world, and there is a wide range of issues I'm interested in. To name a few : music, lyrics, arts, sports, environment protection, human rights, politics.

I heard about World Have Your Say through an English friend, Ron, and BBC's great website.

I have only good opinion about the programme! Different opinions are well presented, people can hear many pros and cons about an issue. The topics are various and opinion provoking, and of general interest. (Only suggestion is to tell those participating to keep some 'little distance' from their radio sets with their mobile to avoid some possible interference, -a technical problem being present sometimes).


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