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Who bears responsibility for climate change?

  • Ros Atkins
  • 24 Jan 07, 11:15 AM

Is it the government, corporations or the individual?

Ruth blogging today and it's an energy special today following President Bush's State of the Union address. We want to hear your opinions on energy conservation.

We're also hiring you your very own protester for the day. What do you want them to protest? Suggestions please...

In President Bush's address, energy policy was near the top of the agenda. Mr Bush called for a 20% cut in petrol consumption by 2017. Are you prepared to cut your petrol use? Would you pay more for your petrol?

Also what about China and India? Should they be pursuing hardline energy conservation? There are sucessful alternative energy initiatives going on in Brazil. What's happening in your country?

In his address President Bush also urged America to give his new Iraq strategy "a chance to work".
So did you watch the speech? What did you make of it?.

And this was such a good story, we couldn't resist it. German companies will be able to hire people to take part in public protests. How souless has life become? We'll be hiring a protester from the hire site erento and it's up to you to tell them what to protest.

Stories for another day...

1. Should legislation force people to act against their beliefs? The heads of both Christians churches in the UK are campaigning against anti-discrimination legislation that would require Catholic adoption agencies to place children with gay couples. Tony Blair is pushing for an opt-out for the church - what do you think?

2. Have you heard of Hounddog? A film that is upseting people because of a scene which shows the rape of a young girl by a teenager. Is 12 year-old actress Dakota Fanning too young to be talking part in such a scene? More at Anna's post.

3. Also...a new study has found the world's worst sound.What's yours?

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My family was watching Bush's Speech.
I was helping my wife and daughter with their mobile phone while listening to BBC Five Live.

Bush's State of the Union is a total waste of time [like Alo Presidente of Chavez and Castro's Speeches]. It was all talk, no action except to harm the World.

  • 2.
  • At 11:56 AM on 24 Jan 2007,
  • adeolu fatimayin wrote:

i beleive that goege Bush has had more that one chance, but he is so full of his own infallibility that he will make the same mistakes again if he is given the chance.Americans who ought to have seen this at the end of his first tenure an should have voted him out of office did not do so then, now they are complaining.

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  • At 12:02 PM on 24 Jan 2007,
  • Lee Roy Sanders, Jr. wrote:

What did you think of the State of the Union address?

I only see a radio dictated to stooge and a mouth piece of the Pentagon. Politics is just a brainwash of words to secure the people from revolting. The media and all free speech is controlled. The government can commit any crime it wishes and uses naive individual's best wishes to do it.

The war is simply one of world domination. The gas prices will soar now and health cares quality, remains in the hands of those that can afford it.

Lee Sanders Jr, Phenix City, AL. North America, United States

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  • At 02:06 PM on 24 Jan 2007,
  • Tedla Asfaw wrote:

President Bush on his State of the Union address for the first time accepts global warmining as a problem and his recommendation to cut down carbon and other pollutants is commendable.

USA should unequivocally should endorse the Keyoto agreement and work with other nations to combat global warmining.

Governments should lead research for renewable resources and private companies ultimately should design products which use less of hydrocarbons.

Developing countries and poor countries their share of polluting the earth is very limited and they do not also have any other resources to satisfy their growing population energy demand and for some time they will have to use hydrocarbons and coal.

The cut from major polluters USA, China and India will very much help our planet and it is time for this countries to join other countries to address global warming.

The next prsident of USA I hope will be a leader and stand for the cause of mother Earth.



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