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The Morning Meeting: +442075570635

Paul Coletti | 10:44 UK time, Friday, 26 January 2007

This is the time of day when we pore over the early shift's ideas (coutesy of Peter today - I quite like the Spanish clothes size story) and try to come up with new ones. Do ring if you'd like to take part. Hearing about talking points from all over the globe is our food for thought. Listener Simon B has just posted to say he'd like to hear people's views on criminal sentencing: "It's interesting to compare the lenient treatment of the Brit who used child porn with Singapore's execution of two African drug smugglers - despite pleas for clemency by Nigeria's president and the UN. I'd like to hear people's views."

Peter: We should return to Lebanon. Yesterday was a step-up violence-wise and there's also the donors' pledge of 7bn for rebuilding.

I quite like this story too. Someone said to me yesterday that they couldn't understand all the fuss over street protests in Lebanon because "it happens all the time in France." Do you agree? Or are you with parliament speaker Nabih Berri who says: "We are witnessing scenes that remind us of the civil war."

Listener Steve in Oregon has sent us this idea:


It's essentially a story about how the media hype up molehills into mountains. What do you think? Here's a Google News search.

Jane: So is the war over for Sinn Fein?
Sinn Fein will on Sunday to decide on (finally) whether the party will endorse policing. It’s expected to go through, albeit with dissent from the hardliners.

UN accommodation: Is it outrageous considering the way local people are living? Or is it necessary for aid workers, journalists etc to be protected and healthy while they are in dangerous places?

This story, believe it or not, even made it onto a popular UK gossip site: popbitch, they're calling it the 'Wallpaper War Zone' (Wallpaper* is a posh design mag for trendy rich folks with quite frankly too much time on their hands).

Three ideas from the fertile imagination of Hasit although I reckon his fashion idea is too similar to Peter's one (see above) . . .so we'll call that 2:
1. A paedophile escaped a jail sentence in Britain yesterday because of the lack of prison places available. Britain's Interior Minister John Reid - who's now uder a great deal of pressure - asked judges to only send the worst offenders to jail because of this shortage. Should prisoners be forced to share cells, since they've let down society? What are prison conditions like in other countries?

2. The fashion industry has refused to stop using ultra-thin models, despite severe criticism that it puts pressure on young girls to be skinny Should the industry take responsibilty for the welfare of young girls? Do you think girls are genuinely put at risk because they see skinny models?

3. Do we have too many memorials to past atrocities?
As the author writes, this story is about whether "our obsession with terrible events make it any less likely that we will repeat them?"

Anna has also spotted the female size 0 story and apparently Anna was thinking about the issue of skinny models before she read Pete's morning blog post. So we'll assign this idea to the lovely Miss Stewart.

Size 0 models. Should they be banned?
Four women in supermodel Gisele Bundchen's home country of Brazil died last month from anorexia, including 21-year-old model Ana Carolina Reston. Gisele has spoken out in defence of skinny models and claims she never suffered from anorexia because she has a strong family base.


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