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President Clinton the second?

| 17:50 UK time, Monday, 22 January 2007

As Ros wrote earlier, today we're talking about the World Social Forum - what do they want? Hillary Clinton, can she do it? and Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, who is to blame for his death?

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Hillary Clinton for President? Here's what you think...

Hilary Clinton cant make it. I dont think Americans are ready for a female President. They need a male war President.
Johnson, NIGERIA

Hillary cant do better than bill, if she cant change things as a senitor she do nothing as the president.
Shiyanbade, Vganda

It seems like presidency in USA is becoming a family affair, the Bushes, now maybe the Clintons. Mind her,she'll b a leader of the world's most influencial nation.
Charles, Lusaka

I would certainly vote for Hillary Clinton. However, I doubt that she, or any other woman, can be elected in this country. I think the United States is very backward when compared with progressive countries that have elected outstanding women leaders like Margaret Thatcher, Ellen Johnson Surlief, Angela Merkel, Michelle Bachelet, etc.
Helen, Virginia

I think America is not ready to elect a female president in the same way it is not for a black.
Ken, Zambia

World Social Forum now...

Why I hate global capitalism.it's basic is unfair trade favouring developed mega corp dominated economies at the expense of growing one's esp a.c.p. lets go for a new counter-trade order now!.
Frank, Nigeria

The World Social Forum will have no impact on globalisation. For one thing the organisers have taken an elitist stand by not letting ordinary Kenyans to attend seminars with the delegates
Text from Kenya

And Iraq...
Here, news about deaths in Iraq sad as it is often met with indifference unless something unusual occurs.
Uche in Nigeria

I felt bad when heard what is happening in Iraq that peaple are dying every day. it is uncalled for.
Kamaldeen in Nigeria

You posed the question about how I feel when i hear the news from Iraq? my answer is sad and angry, certainly not fed up with hearing about it.
William in Kent, southern England

Needless to say, one does get inundated with news from Iraq, the American casualty list and increasing death toll. I would love to NOT hear a deathtoll or casualty count from Iraq--but only if it's because there were no casualties and no deaths.
Emm in Baltimore, USA

When I hear about Iraq, I recall that my parents' generation had kids snatched off the streets to fight in Vietnam, a war that no one understood, just like now in Iraq?
Diepiriye, an American in India

I'm sad to say that I accept less than a certain number of deaths as commonplace, but, reading about more than a hundred dead I was surprised by how upset I was. I wondered not only when the violence will end, but to wonder about practicalities like where are they putting the bodies? And who is dying? Poor people, rich people, visitors, workers? Those were my thoughts this morning.
Meg, Washington DC


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