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Saeed in Canada

Ros Atkins Ros Atkins | 15:05 UK time, Monday, 22 January 2007

My name is Saeed Jahed. I was born 23 years ago in the small city of Bojnourd in Iran. Then, 14 years later, I immigrated to Canada with my parents.

Earlier this year I graduated from a computer science and mathematics program, not knowing what the next step in my life would be.

For now, I do freelance consulting work. I also still do a maths proof or two to keep my maths skills sharp. Now I'm thinking: should I go back to school for graduate studies in mathematics? Should I start my own consulting business? Should I start my own NGO? Should I start over and study journalism?


One day, frustrated at getting too many local news items, and too few international ones, I tuned-in (via the internet) to the BBC's World Service. I come in for the news, I stay for the documentaries.

While I'm almost always amazed by how BBC program's like World Have Your Say break distance barriers by bringing in virtually unfiltered and direct opinions from people all around the world, I still wonder if the BBC can also break the language barrier, by bringing in people that don't speak English in to the World Have Your Say discussion.

I really appreciate the work you guys do at World Service, Saeed

P.S. I'm always writing on my personal


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