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Paul Coletti | 10:48 UK time, Monday, 15 January 2007

Yes, Dear Listener, I woke this morning to the scary news that in the 1950s, the French PM popped over to London to propose that the UK and France merge with "common citizenship" between the countries. If you're French, does that get you talking? Could anything be achieved today by such a union? I can't help but wonder at the endless possibilities. . .

Listener Divas in Nepal wants to talk about the US political system. . . he's seeking enlightenment; he's not the first and won't be the last:
Don't you think that the whole world suffers because of a whimsical American President and his allies?
Why is an American President so powerful that he (can't say she till now) can go against his own voters? Hasn't anyone realized that the history of American Presidents has proved that there needs to some sort of different arrangement between US institutions? i wish if someone would enlighten me on this subject. Why don't you set this agenda on the show.

Listener Marcy in Detroit wants to talk about medical ethics:

An IVF child at the University of Michigan Hospital was the correct bone donor for his/her sibling, whereas the other was incorrectly matched and couldn't donate his/her marrow for the sibling. I would like to present a topic about parents selecting their IVF embroys to be the bone marrow donor for their other sick child. I have a lot of questions and concerns about this practice and the use of this technology.

1. One of the hardest things in the world is to lose a child, parent, wife or husband.
a. However, is it or is it NOT fair to chose to use one child to save another?
b. If someone close to me needs a bone marrow transplant should I have embroys implanted in me which were tested to be a donor match?
c. If I was the child of more of these matches for convience, how would I feel to know I was selected for this purpose?

2. We are drastically advancing in are use of technology in every area of our life.
a. Should embroys or IVF children be perfect for the parent?
b. Are embroys alive or should they be given rights as humans?
c. Should they be selected for traits which would improve the child's ability to possiblity be male, female, taller, smarter, prettier, stronger, musical, whiter, darker, or etc..

Michael Kaloki, our man in Kenya, wants to talk about the Martin Luther King Junior Summit in Nairobi?
Has his dream of racial justice been realised?

Rozita wants to follow up a story we did last week . . . Driss Ksitkes of the magazine Nichane has been sentenced
Two Moroccan journalists have been fined for writing an article about religious jokes. They have been banned from working for two months and have been given suspended jail sentences of three years. The magazine is to be closed for two months. So where should the line be drawn when it comes to jokes about religion? Does freedom of speech include the freedom to make fun of people's faith, the freedom to upset them or insult their religion?

Richard wants to talk about aid and charities
Do you trust big charities to spend your money wisely? Is what you give really coming down to the people, asks Mike in Kenya where the authorities have been trying to encourage people to give direct to the government.

Paul: Do you need to be a mother to fully understand the horror of war?
In the US Senator Barbara Boxer has stirred up controversy by implying that Condi Rice, as a childless woman, could never fully understand war. Condoleeza is making light of it but what do you think? Is this just a bit of political sniping or does the Senator have a point?

We've talked about it before, but that shouldn't stop us looking at Madonna's call for more people to adopt children from Africa. She thinks she's "saved a life" by adopting. Do you these kind of adoptions do that? If you're in Africa, do you want more Westerners coming in to adopt children? And if you're in the West will you consider adopting an African baby?

Christiane: Olmert's meeting with Rice.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday told the visiting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that he will attend a three-way meeting with her and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Is there a new chance for freedom in Israel?

Ruth: Best African footballer
Roger Milla has been voted the best African player of the last 50 years by The Confederation of African Football. Do you agree? If not, who should have been awarded the honour?

This was cooking up into a major talking point before Christmas when OJ Simpson had a book coming out which would see him imagine him commiting the murder of his wife (he was acquitted). Then Rupert Murdoch pulled the plug (it was one his publishers who were carrying the title) and the issue disappeared. But now a chapter has been linked and it's graphic reading. The text may never have been published but should it ever have been written or commissioned?


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