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Reuben in Nairobi

Richard Bowen | 14:44 UK time, Thursday, 11 January 2007

reuben75.jpgHey there. I am Reuben Gitahi. I live In Nairobi in one of the suburbs. I am a photography teacher by profession having specialized with it after finishing my journalism course.

I like to listening to the radio, a lot more so the BBC. At one time robbers almost broke in my house. The reason? They thought that i had a very big television set because of the way the BBC normally produce there programs-it is as if it is a television story. Bringing out the pictures clearly with sounds.

I also like arguing intellectually. I normally find it healthy and you will distinguish people who are bright through arguments. I also like researching a lot before starting an intellectual argument.

I found out about WHYS as a result of listening to the BBC religiously. I like the WHYS because it brings out diverse discussions affecting peoples lives. The presentation is superb with the presenter creating a rapport that flows with the listerners. it also exhibits balance in their discussions.

What i dont like about WHYS is that some times they will bring out discussions that are of little benefit to Africans. Take a recent discussion about whether you would eat cloned meat. This is an issue affecting aristocrats because most africans are poor and issues of food do not arise here. It is all about survival.

I would be happy if the BBC discussed social issues affecting Africans. When the WHYS were discussing about the midterm elections it did not bring out clearly how the U.S midterm elections would affect the africans in the village. You have to contend with the fact that most of the listenership is in Africa. Kenya having the second listenership after Nigeria.

Thanks and have a super day. Reuben


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