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Words to the WHYS

David Mazower | 09:22 UK time, Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Good morning all, James here with a few ideas to get you thinking. I'll plant a few seeds now, and then you can watch this post flower as my brain slwoly wakes up and engages fully with the glorious global news agenda. Post your thoughts here on the blog, and make sure that you point out any stories I've missed.

We did it on the show yesterday, but there's no avoiding the assassination of Lebanese minister Pierre Gemayel. Lebanon is in mourning, what will the consequences be?

On the front page of the Independent, Robert Fisk says simply "Civil War." DO you agree? And where does this leave the dilplomatic games of the past few weeks, where the US and UK were talking loudly about engaging with Syria? Join the debate online, or post your thoughts here.

Other stories around today:

Rwanda has angrily rejected calls by a French judge for President Paul Kagame to stand trial over the killing of his predecessor, which sparked genocide. This after the Rwandan government accused French soldiers of complicity in the genocide. You can hear Mr Kagame put his side of the story today on the BBC's Newshour at 1200GMT. Listen in and let us know what you think of this argument between France and Rwanda. Has enough been done to investigate the genocide and punish those responsible for the genocide?

Also in Africa, European Union experts say the United States is pushing to get a regional peacekeeping force deployed in Somalia and this could trigger a wider war in the Horn of Africa. Should the US be getting involved in Somalia?

This is a story that won't go away (until 2012). The cost of the London Olympic Games in 2012 has gone up again. It's not just London where this is an issue. We flagged this story last week, when FIFA president Sep Blatter again dismissed fears that the next World Cup could be moved from South Africa. Are big sporting events around the world pricing themselves out of the market, and becoming too difficult to host as costs spiral? Whether it's London or South Africa, could the money be better spent on other things? Let us know your thoughts.

The visit to India by Chinese President Hu Jintao continues. The two countries are the largest and fastest growing in the world. Will their partnership relationship in years to come? If you're in China or India, what do you think of each other?

In the UK, families struggling to manage their children's behaviour are to get extra advice and parenting classes as part of a government bid to reduce antisocial behaviour. Yesterday ministers yesterday unveiled moves to appoint a network of parenting experts - more colourfully known as "supernannies" - in 77 local authority areas across England. Should the state be getting so involved in how parents bring up their children? Is this welcome help, or just more evidence of the (super)nanny-state?

Would you like to give us your thoughts on the death of famous film director Robert Altman? What are your favourite films, how did he influence cinema?

And on the cricketing front, the Ashes starts on Thursday in Australia (Wednesday night in England). It's one of the great sporting rivalries, Australia vs England, with the AUssies out to prove something after losing the last series. As the token Australian in the WHYS office, I'm looking forward to it, and for the next two months i'll be glued to the television. How about you? Can you barely sleep for excitement, or are you dreading the endless Ashes talk of the next few months? Is cricket the high water mark of civilisation, or worse than watching paint dry/grass grow? If you're a cricket fan in India, Pakistan, South Africa or the West Indies, will you be watching?

Post your thoughts on these ideas, or suggest anything i've missed, here on the blog.


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