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Gay Marriage and Creationism

David Mazower | 19:57 UK time, Tuesday, 14 November 2006

In Sydney, Suva and Seoul, it's Wednesday already, so why hold back on the ideas for Wednesday night's show? While we here in London rest our weary heads and dream about tonight's fantastic debates, we want you on the other side of the world to give us your thoughts on what we should be discussing.

Here's a couple of ideas to kick off ...

Just before we went on air this evening, news broke that South Africa's parliament has voted to legalise same-sex weddings - the first African country to approve such unions.

During the debate before the vote, Home Affairs Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula told MPs: "In breaking with our past... we need to fight and resist all forms of discrimination and prejudice, including homophobia."

But lots of people aren't happy, including some of our listeners. The texts have already started coming in, and Beno in Nigeria asks "how could South Africa be blind & stoop so low to legalize homosexual marriage? It's the beginning of doom, the paliament should please have a rethink before it's too late." You can find more views on both sides here.

What do you think about this decision? Is this a bold step forward, or a move in the wrong direction? Is it an example that the rest of Africa should follow? Post your thoughts here on the blog.

Here at WHYS, we know how much you all like to take control and do the interviewing yourselves. Tonight you put your questions to the BBC's Alastair Leithead in Afghanistan, and on Wednesday night, we're turning the mike over to you again.

This time the guest will be ... Ken Ham, the founder and President of Answers in Genesis, who have built the huge and expensive Creation Museum. As reported in the Guardian this week, it's the world's first creationist museum, dedicated to the idea that the creation of the world, as told in Genesis, is factually correct.

It cost $25m (mostly from private donations), and is within 6 hours' drive for two thirds of the population of the US. They're expecting 300, 000 visitors a year, at least.

So what does this mean for Darwin and the Dinosaurs? Why not ask Ken Ham himself, who will be answering questions from listeners between 1830 and 1900GMT on Wednesday. What would you like to ask him? Post your questions to the blog, .


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