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Right then, this time we're coming to you

Richard Bowen | 18:52 UK time, Sunday, 19 November 2006

womeninburqa.jpgHowdy bloggers, not often you'll find me at the lovely Bush House on a Sunday but i'm scrambling to get ready for tomorrow. "Why?" I hear you cry. Well Ros and I are off on an impromptu trip to Holland, following the huge response we got on Friday's show to the decision by the Dutch government to support a proposal to ban women from wearing the burqa in public. All I know so far is...

...the flight leaves at 08:55 am UK time and we'll be on air from somewhere in Amsterdam. If you're in the city and can think of any good places where we can do the show let us know as we've still not decided where we'll be broadcasting from.

Anyway i'd love to stay and chat but time is of the essence. Before I go here's a few questions for you to answer. Do you agree with the Dutch governments decision to support this proposal to ban the burqa? What would be the reaction if this decision was made in your country? Why do you think the Dutch government has made this decision?

Oh yeah, keep across the blog, and when we do know where we'll be broadcasting from, you'll know, so you can come on down and have your say.

Bye for now.


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