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On today's show: UN scandal, South Africa and Fiji

David Mazower | 14:10 UK time, Thursday, 30 November 2006

Sorry for the delay. Here's what we're looking into for today:

Allegations that UN peace-keepers have been involved in prostitution and rape in Liberia and Haiti are the latest in a long line of similar claims. (see Ros' earlier post for more details on this story). We'll be asking how widespread these abuses are, and how the UN deals with such allegations. When peacekeepers are found guilty of abusing the trust of people they've been sent to protect, what happens to them? Rosie and Joe are working on that one, together with Mahmoud, a colleague from our Arabic Service who's with us for the day.

We'll also be looking into the case of the so-called Angel of Soweto ( which Ros mentioned earlier). She's a well-known children's rights campaigner in South Africa, and currently faces serious allegations of fraud and other things, made by an investigative TV show. Right now, Karnie and Ros have requested interviews from her and her organisation, arranged to speak with someone from the TV company, and have been in touch with some of the children concerned. We're also talking to our friends at the radio station Josie FM who are interested in carrying that part of the show.

James has drawn the short straw today - finding people in Fiji to talk about the coup threat from their military. It's a bizarre thing to have an army commander issuing threats for a coup with a precise deadline - just under ten hours to go now. Dozens of Fijians have already posted comments to the bbc website, so we know there's huge concern there. The main problem is the time difference - they're right around the world from us, exactly twelve hours away, so as long as we can find some early risers there we'll be fine.


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