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| 18:04 UK time, Thursday, 2 November 2006

As Ros wrote earlier today we're asking if there is a problem with young black men. Post your comment now.

Tony Harris, a youth mentor in London said there is a problem with youth culture in general.

Tekla emailed from California. She says:

People are what they listen to. Music is something we create and it feeds our minds. I am a great fan of hip hop and reggae that preaches oneness and tolerance

This text from Nairobi:

There is no more wrong with young black men than any other group. They suffer from prejudice against the young and against blacks

Kelly in Los Angeles, e-mailed us to say:

In America, blacks more than any other minority group intentionally distance themselves from mainstream society. I've only been held at gunpoint once, and it was a young black male holding the gun. I blame it on this subculture that resents America's history of slavery and their feeling of entitlement and desire for reparations

Ken in Cleveland, Ohio, said:

Grand Theft Auto and 50 Cent are to blame more than police. When I see an intimidating young man that seems to have no common courtesy or social intelligence, I avoid him. Skin color is not a factor

Uziel got in touch to say:

I live in chicago and female friends never go into black neighborhoods - not because of racism but because of safety

Ali from LONDON:

Crime doesn't pay but it does help and black people need our help cause they're in the bottom of the pit of he human race

Edwin Banda, Malawi.

People in the west have a negative attitude towards blacks. However most hip hop music is not positive music


On the question of whether white youth would react the same way it suddenly occurred to me how similar the reaction of white men during the 1800's was with the duels that were fought.
It didn't stop until the same type and class of people doing the dueling finally stood up and said it was no longer acceptable. Just a thought..

David e-mailed us to say:

I do think that police target blacks in the US, but one thing we haven't discussed is the disparity between black men and women here. Black women far outnumber men in high school graduation, college graduation, and advanced degrees. Some black social critics recognize this, but mainstream social critics ignore their solutions as "too complex."


Why does the world blame black kids while all the bad things have been done to us through colonialism and even today their country and property is still looted by neo colonialists? Our leaders don't have control on their resources to feed their people.


  • Comment number 1.

    Dear BBC
    Iam not happy with the way street children are increasing in the South sudanese capital Juba.Likewise to the county iam living in; there are numerous children in the counties in all part of south Sudan.We are asking NGOs and Government to take some measures to reduce such increasing number of children.


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