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As cold as Iceland.....

Mark Sandell Mark Sandell | 10:12 UK time, Tuesday, 21 November 2006

President of the Icelandic FA Eggert Magnusson

...not quite here in London, though it's definitely scarf and hat weather. The Iceland reference is about my club, West Ham, being taken over by a consortium from the said country, which values the club at around 85 million pounds. I have a hundred shares in the Hammers (given to me as a birthday present) but i don't suppose they'll affect the bidding.

Ros and Dicky are on their way back from Amsterdam after yesterday's very lively programme on the proposed banning of the burka. Dicky said Amsterdam was like "Erdington but with better cafes" which shows how much he's travelled....
On to today...

* China and India meet in New Delhi : Will the get together end years of suspicion? And what does it mean for world trade?

* Syria and Iraq restore ties: will this end Syria's alleged support for some of the violent factions in Iraq?

* Kenyan floods :the UNHCR says there are 78 thousand refugees in the north of the country- we'll try to hear some voices from there..

*OJ Simpson's book : Rupert Murdoch says it was a really bad idea; has he finally seen sense? Or is this case of consumer power forcing his hand?

* The Thorpedo: Ian Thorpe calls it a day: at the age of 24. The 5 times gold medallist is a national hero in Australia and speaking as someone who had the privilege of watching him race at the Sydney Olympics, we might hear some voices from Oz on what he means to them...

*Poisoning : The papers here are still dominated by the apparent poisoning of a former KGB colonel - and Putin critic- in London....

* and "Cross? I'm Livid"; the story of the woman who works for British Airways who's been banned from wearing her crucifix is getting a lot of people talking..

What's getting you going?....over to you....


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